July 13, 2011

July 9, 2011

Color Palette Maker

This is SO AWESOME!  Have Fun creating YOUR own personal color.  Use this Color Maker to design and choose your Color for all of your Home Decor, Your Clothing, Accessories, Your Jewelry, Endless uses!  ENJOY!


July 3, 2011

JUNE was a Whirlwind Month!

Dr. Shawn Mollenhauer
OK, Summer is clearly in full force and lots of things going on.  June was a special month for our family.  Our son, Shawn graduated from UC RIVERSIDE and received his doctorate in musicology.  He currently teaches at the University in Denver and will be adding to his employment record with other job offerings I am sure!  Yay, CONGRATULATIONS Shawn, or I should say, Congratulations Dr. Mollenhauer!  We are so proud of you, it has been a long and arduous road, but you made it and you did it on your own! 

My husband Michael conducted seminars this month, which I help him with, however he is the expert and he does the speaking I am just the cheerleader and help with set up and book orders.

Racing with our grandson Cole Cabrera.  We love going to his races.  He is so awesome, so talented. We are looking for sponsors for this up and coming NASCAR racer.  He really is Great, take a look at his accomplishments, read his web page and Call us!

Then there is just everyday life.  But, I was able to finish a couple of pieces of jewelry and I will post them for all to see.

AND then--of course, there is the Casey Anthony Trial!  OMG, I have been consumed with it!   If you have not followed this trial you have seriously missed out on the most incredible story told.  You can't make this up!  Better than any book or movie out there!  So, so tragic that it is a true life event.  It is so incredibly unbelievable!  In fact, as I sit here updating my blog I am listening to closing statements.  I wonder just how long it will take the jury in deliberations?