June 29, 2010

Behind Again but it's a NEW Day!

So I am letting time slip by me again which is obviously not hard to do these day for any of us.  I feel like the clocks have some super element in them that is making them race around the numbers at a speed I certainly can't keep up with.  WHEW...life is passing me by much too quickly!

Well, our little outing on Saturday was quite productive.  I found the most awesome pieces of estate jewelry which I am going to re purpose into NEW pieces and hopefully will draw the attention of buyers who will love it!  Also I found incredible Vintage Fabrics.  I am so excited about them.  Pieces dating back to the 1940's and they still look brand new, they were stored very well.  I will be using some of these wonderful fabrics in my own creations and selling some of them in my Etsy fabric store. 

It was such a hot day here on Saturday that by the time we got home my husband and I were both pretty tired so the rest of the day was spent indoors and me sorting thru my fabulous finds.

Sunday was another day that just whizzed by me.  But,  we did manage to carve out some time with family.  We joined my Sister Debbie and her Hubby Chuck for a nice relaxing Lunch/Dinner - LINNER at Mimi's Cafe, (not my favorite place to eat), but for family time it is all about being together and not so much as where that might be.  After LINNER we took Debbie and chuck over to the New GUITAR SHOWROOM because Chuck was out of town when it was finished and we had our grand Opening and Chamber of Commerce Ribbon Cutting.  After that, it was home again and time to settle in for the night.

On Monday, was a usual Monday for us; Work, Work, Work, Errands, Errands, Errands.  I was trying to get a few of my designing projects slipped into my busy, crazy day but that didn't happen.  Nothing of great interest was really going on but I still cherish everyday. 

Yesterday, Tuesday, was more enjoyable because I was able to finish 2 Necklaces and a Brooch and I will be able to get them listed in my stores today and I will put a picture of them here on my blog. 

Today; I am catching up on emails this morning, posting on my facebook, checking in with friends and family and I thought I better get caught up on my Blog.  It is going to be another HOT one so I need to get ready and get out the door.  I have a couple of places I need to go to this morning and then get back home before the heat and winds get to bad.  It's always windy here.  Drives me crazy, I HATE Wind!

I have 3 other pieces of Jewelry that should be finished by early afternoon so I will be listing those in my stores.  I am excited!  I have my week planned out between all of my projects whether it be Sewing projects, Jewelry projects, or my NEW Paper projects.  There just is not enough time in a day to do all that I want to do.

So I will check back in later, hopefully have some pictures posted for you to see.  In the meantime, have a WONDERFUL, FUN Day!

June 26, 2010

It's Saturday and I have BIG Plans For My Day....

Well, I am going to make this short and sweet for the moment.  It is a most beautiful morning here in the high desert of Southern California and I am going to take full advantage of it before the afternoon winds kick up.

I am on my way out the door, yes, it is 7:02 am early I know;  but isn't that when you find the BEST stuff at Estate Sales, Garage Sales, and the local Swap Meet.  Guess where I am going.  Yes, Treasure Hunting!  I will get back to you later on today and let you know what I find.  Gotta go for now :0)

June 24, 2010

What a CRAZY Day!

My day started off early, I had to hurry thru the usual "get the house in order" routine, eat breakfast, check emails, package up all of my orders from my stores (of course I do love to do that!) and get out the door by 8:45 for a Hair appointment that was at 9:30.  I have to drive across town, about 20 minutes with NO traffic, but I always try to allow for that.  I made it on time!  Spent a few minutes with my hairstylists yapping about what the 2 of us have been up to the last 7 weeks and then he proceeded into the back room to mix his MAGIC that was soon to be slopped onto my hair. 

After what seems like a short time because we were talking about family, business, just people in general the whole time,  it was then time for me to sit under the dryer, (gotta let that magic potion simmer).  He always tells me just 10 minutes under the dryer because he knows how I hate it and then after 30 minutes he whisks me away to the shampoo bowl where I could lay all day and have someone massage my head for me.  I love this part of the HAIR thing.  I find it so relaxing.  Of course, He always makes sure I am most comfortable so I don't have that awful kink in my neck going on the whole time.

Then finished with the shampoo and conditioner routine and off to the chair and cut, cut, cut! He has been cutting my hair with the razor instead of scissors the last 3 visits, seems to be working out well for me.  I never used to like that sort of cut I always preferred the Scissors.

Anyway, he is wonderful!  For 24 years old he is so talented, with color and cut and conversation, very mature for his age.  I have been going to him for about 4 years now so we are pretty much like family.  Although I could be his mother for sure, but I cringe when I think I am on the verge of almost being his Grandmother.  After all My Grandson just turned 16 so that is not too far off.

After my 3 hours at the salon I promptly went to lunch.  The Drive thru at In-N-Out Burger.  Any of you living in Southern California know what I am talking about, there is nothing like it and in my opinion for fast food it is one of the healthier ones for a Burger, if there is such a thing. 

Then off across town to Hesperia, the next town over, about 10 minutes away, to stop at the Hesperia Star Newspaper to pick up 25 copies of the newspaper that had the article of our Grand Opening/Ribbon Cutting event last Thursday for My Husband's new GUITAR Showroom.  The article was Great, 2 full pages and photos too!

Then off to Walmart!  That was fun but a waste of my time, they did not have what I was looking for so I will need to order that item online.  Stopped at the Post Office Box, Picked up the Dry Cleaning, mailed all of my packages and finally I am home.  Checked emails once again, answered them all, and NOW it is freakin 5:43 pm and I haven't even thought about Dinner.  I wonder if Michael will take me out to Mexican Food!  I LOVE Mexican Food.  Although, I am quite full from lunch and I just munched down half a bag of Cheetos (it was not the small bag either).  WHAT TO DO???

I am a little frustrated - AGAIN, because I had high hopes of finishing some jewelry pieces today or one of the other 3 projects I have going.  But OH WELL, tomorrow is another day!  Right now, I am really tired.  I know my day doesn't sound like much compared to some of you out there but it was more than enough for me.  Gee, I wonder what's on TV tonight?  Anyway, I will post more tomorrow. :0)

Have a wonderful evening! 

June 23, 2010

♥♥♥ Sweet "Baby ROSE" ♥♥♥ Hearts ♥♥♥

Presenting ONE of my creations I was able to finish today.  I love these!  They turned out so SWEET!

I Named them  ♥♥♥ Sweet "Baby ROSE" ♥♥♥ Hearts ♥♥♥

Beautiful Vintage Baby Pink & White Roses and White Glass Heart Beads! A Vintage Style Earring set on Silver Plated Kidney Shaped Ear wires.  

A Beautiful Day In The Desert

WOW!  It is one of those NOT so common, NO WIND, Beautiful Days here in the High Desert of Southern California.  I love mornings like this, it puts me in such a positive, energetic, motivated mood!  Saying that; I have a list of all of my priorities and I'm ready to check each item off, one at a time as I complete them,  and right now, I feel like I can get thru that list today and it will be a breeze.  So, we shall see!

I will be designing and creating more of my jewelry today.  I am excited about that and I will post the pictures as I get them done.  I will also list them in my stores on Etsy.com and Artfire.com.  Etsy, TQRC Etsy, Artfire

My husband has a few things that I can help him with in our business 1to1 Network.
We own an Advertising and Marketing Business.  He knows I am addicted to the Social Networking aspect of the business so I gladly accept his delegating that part of the business to me.  We have customers that we work with and market their business thru our Social Networking Services which we provide.

We also own a Boutique Guitar Company.  My husband is a musician and is an awesome Guitar Player so he decided to build and sell guitars.  It has been a fun business for him.  We have met some really fun and interesting people because of this business.  You may want to take a look at these gorgeous guitars, for me, one who is musically inept, they are the most beautiful pieces of art.  And then when he plays one for me or one of our ARTIST endorsees plays them it just makes chills run up and down my spine.  It really is an exciting business!  GUITARS

OK!  My day is planned and I'm READY, I'm pretty much organized, even dinner is planned (yay) I am anxious to get started.  I will post more later along with my new designs.

Have a WONDERFUL day!


June 22, 2010

My Latest Creation "BLOSSOM"

I am so way behind in my projects it is pathetic.  Everyday "REAL LIFE" gets in the way. I am grateful though for my health and for the love of my family.  Is there really anything more important than that?  I think NOT!  When the phone rings and it is my Daughter calling me just to see "What are you doing Mom", there is nothing better than sitting down and discussing with her my schedule for the day or what  I might be involved in at that moment in time.

She always brightens my day and thrills me with stories of her adventures, her day and lots about my 2 Grandchildren whom I adore more than life itself. 

In the midst of my everyday chaos, I managed to slip in some time for the designing and creating of this little summertime jewel which I so fondly call "BLOSSOM".  It reminds me of my daughter and granddaughter, both of whom are girly-girls and love the dainty, fragile petals of a beautiful flower in bloom.

So, here it is...I Hope that you like it.  I would appreciate any and all feedback.  What could be different, colors, or style.

Back later.  I'm going to try and add one more beauty to my inventory.  I will post it for you when finished.


June 18, 2010

This is WRONG!!!

So I go into MICHAEL's Craft store today and what do I see??? Freakin CHRISTMAS ornaments, Halloween and Thanksgiving stuff, What the Hell!

(Forgot to tell you this little tidbit in my last post.)

It's a GREAT DAY!!!!

I am SO excited, I have a laptop again and that means I can get more  accomplished, I am mobile, I am HAPPY!  Now I can catch up on this last weeks Adventures, it has been crazy and non stop here since March....If I made as much money as I am busy I would be a gazillionaire by now and typing this from my Yacht right now! 

I have been without a laptop for several weeks now and I have had to use the "slow as a snail" desktop in my studio, it moves slower than a snail I believe, pages take several minutes to load, etc., etc.  I really only use it as a backup and while I am NOT ungrateful for having it (because it has saved my butt these last few weeks), I hate it!!!   You know, that Love/Hate relationship.   We have Fiber Optic Internet service, fast as lightening, EXCEPT on that thing.  Whew, that was a lot of work trying to get things done on that piece!!! 

Anyway, I will post more later.  Still setting up a few more email accounts and adding my "favorites" to this computer.

June 11, 2010

♥♥♥ One of My Newest Creations ♥♥♥

Purple, Lavendar, White and Clear Beads...Luscious!

And the Large White ROSE...Need I say more!!!

I had a great time making this today and I love purple (A color of Royalty) so I was really excited!
Let me know what you think?

Just a Quick Thought To Start Your Day!

“Inaction breeds doubt and fear. Action breeds confidence and courage. If you want to conquer fear, do not sit home and think about it. Go out and get busy.”  Dale Carnegie

June 10, 2010

Wow, People are going to think I am a slacker already!

I had every intention of posting yesterday and once again, the day just disappeared on me.  So, for today I can share with you some of my crazy life for the last day and a half.

Yesterday started off early as usual, 6:00 am and once right out of bed, I am already thinking about my schedule for the day.  I Had all these big plans of accomplishing sooo much.  Typical!!  Anyway, it started off with the LAUNDRY.  Now, isn't that an exciting subject.  Sorting thru all of these colorful pieces of fabrics, cottons, polyester (not really polyester), fleece, flannels, WOW, it always amazes me how many pieces of clothing 2 people can  wear in a few days time.  One interruption after another and all of the laundry did not get done, I had to finish it this morning.  But just a a tidbit of information; I LOVE adding Baking Soda to the tub of laundry with the liquid laundry soap.  I believe it really does help soften the water and make your clothes smell much cleaner and helps cut down on the amount of laundry soap you need to use.  Anyway, I use it, I get a big giant bag at Costco for less that $6.00, it goes a long way.

So during my whole Laundry DAY, I managed to get in a trip to the fabric store and the health food store.  My husband Michael called me during this outing and asked if I would like to go to lunch and OF COURSE I am not going to pass up a lunch with my husband.  We went to the NEW Country Club at the Golf Course and each had Pastrami Sandwiches, his on Rye Bread, Mine on a Baguette (wonderful) and it was most delicious!  I had Parmesan-garlic fries and he had the gourmet potato salad, both of which were mighty tasty.

Home,  to continue on with the Laundry and answer emails, check facebook, which I always get majorly distracted with and Twitter, and checked my online stores.  I had MOST INTENDED to create a few pieces of jewelry but took a look around at my Studio and scared myself.   Has it ever happened to you that one day you suddenly see something, I mean REALLY SEE what has been a part of your surroundings for a long time and discover that something is not right about this?  Well, it happened to me yesterday.  I Really, Really, Really wanted to design a piece of jewelry, I already had the piece created in my head, but My studio was so out of sorts, such a mess, I could no longer work in it.  So for the next couple of hours I was busy organizing it.  That was a GOOD feeling!

Next thing I new it was 5 p.m. and I was trying to decide, do I fix us dinner or skip it all together?  After all we had such a large lunch and I still was not hungry.  The decision for us was NO more eating today.  So, I had dessert instead, my favorite thing to eat any time, any day, any place.

My newest, latest, and greatest weakness in the dessert world is chocolate covered Oreo's. YUMMY!!!!!!!  My daughter bought some dark chocolate covered Oreo Cookies from Godiva Chocolates the last time we were at the mall.  She insisted that I try them.  Well, I know how I am,  and thinking to myself I was a little worried, I asked me, what if I really like these?  Am I willing to pay $2.50 a cookie for a Binge I will more than likely go on?  I was dreading taking that first bite, I was scared, I knew it was going to happen.  Even though I do not like WHOLE Oreo Cookies.  (If I buy the Oreo cookies I only eat the chocolate cookies and not the inside.  Toss the inside away).  WELL,  let me tell you.  If you have never had one of these most WONDER DELICACIES, you are in for a treat!  The chocolate on the outside is smooth, dark, (you can get milk chocolate too) and add to that the crunch and chocolate of the cookie with the center filling, the combination of it is WONDERFUL!!  Chocolate, Sweet, with a hint of something salt.  Not sure where that is coming from unless it is from the chocolate cookie part of the Oreo.  OMG !! Heaven!!!  Well, because of my obsession with this new found Love, and the expense of these cookies and the trips to the Mall, I decided if I was going to continue down this Glorious Chocolate path I need to do it in a more cost effective way.  SO, I scoured the Internet looking for Chocolate to dip stuff in.  I found the recipe I needed and guess what?  I have been making my own chocolate dipped Oreo Cookies.  One night I made a double batch and also dipped Marshmallows, (another of my all time favorites).  I have been strung out on Chocolate Covered Oreo's and Marshmallows for at least 30 days now.  Soon, I will get tired of them and move on to something else, I always do, but until then...I am in HEAVEN!  I will post pictures of these tempting little angels later.

After dessert, I was able to settle down and began to start on 1 of my 5 projects from yesterday.  I hope to finish this beautiful summer bracelet today and have it posted by this evening. 

So, that was my yesterday.  I can start on my today in a while, but right now, I am itching to get to work.  I really want to finish that bracelet and hopefully slip in a couple of other things too. 

In a bit!  ♥♥♥

June 8, 2010

Praise the Wind Gods today! So far, just a soft breeze and we are able to open the windows and enjoy the SWEET Smell of Jasmine and Honeysuckle from our vines in the backyard! Awesome!!!

My First Day Posting YAY!

Hello Everyone!

Just starting out with the Blogging Thing.  I have been meaning to start this for 2 years now AND Finally I am on my way! 

I have been on Facebook for a while now and of course, like most people who have a Facebook Account, I am ADDICTED!!!  It is the most perfect way to stay in contact with family and friends across the world all day long, everyday.

Since I am not sure where to begin with my posting on my Blog, I am just going to say, that I hope to be as committed to my BLOG as I am to Facebook, Twitter and my other social networking sites. 

I am busy, busy, busy, like most people these days.  Kinda scary how fast the days fly by,  It never used to be this way.  Seems like you have to cram in as much stuff in "the day" or else you will miss out on "Something", seems so anyway.

I have several projects on my plate right now, least of which is designing more JEWELRY for my stores.  I am sooo far behind!  I hope that you will enjoy my designs and will check back with me often to see what spills out of my brain on any given day.

I will be back later, I need to take a look and see how this turns out on the page...this is exciting!  ♥♥♥