June 22, 2010

My Latest Creation "BLOSSOM"

I am so way behind in my projects it is pathetic.  Everyday "REAL LIFE" gets in the way. I am grateful though for my health and for the love of my family.  Is there really anything more important than that?  I think NOT!  When the phone rings and it is my Daughter calling me just to see "What are you doing Mom", there is nothing better than sitting down and discussing with her my schedule for the day or what  I might be involved in at that moment in time.

She always brightens my day and thrills me with stories of her adventures, her day and lots about my 2 Grandchildren whom I adore more than life itself. 

In the midst of my everyday chaos, I managed to slip in some time for the designing and creating of this little summertime jewel which I so fondly call "BLOSSOM".  It reminds me of my daughter and granddaughter, both of whom are girly-girls and love the dainty, fragile petals of a beautiful flower in bloom.

So, here it is...I Hope that you like it.  I would appreciate any and all feedback.  What could be different, colors, or style.

Back later.  I'm going to try and add one more beauty to my inventory.  I will post it for you when finished.


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