July 20, 2010

My List is getting Longer!

I just wanted to post a quick "Hello" to my Friends!  So, glad you are followers of my Blog. :0)

My day has run out of time and my list of "Things To Do" has actually gotten longer instead of shorter.  I have been a little side tracked my my "List" and now I have to make another list to keep moving on and be sure that I get it all done. 

So, since I do not have much time, I just wanted to leave you with a thought and a pretty photo of the last of our Blooming Roses for the season.  BUT oh, how great the fragrance...I just can't get enough!

"Write it on your heart that every day is the best day of the year".

-- Ralph Waldo Emerson

The last of Our Beautiful ROSES


July 18, 2010

It's SUNDAY ♥♥♥ Already!

Up and At 'em...we have another busy Family Day!

I wanted to share with you a few of my Favorite things.  I love this picture!  It incorporates my love of Polka Dots, Horses, and Crowns and a Woman who is Happy "doing her own thing", which for me says; you can be everything you want to be all at once.  Confident, Retro, Classic, Stylish, Royal, Feminine and a lover of Nature! Basically, "Having it All".  So go for it, enjoy Life to it's fullest each and every day. Every minute is precious and you won't get it back, store each moment in your memory bank because time has a way of slipping away,

Have a Wonderful SUNDAY!


A Quick Thought for the Day ♥♥♥

‎"It is very important to generate a good attitude, a good heart, as much as possible. From this, happiness in both the short term and the long term for both yourself and others will come." Dalai Lama


July 17, 2010


It has been difficult to get to my Blog page and even type a sentence this week!

My step-son Shawn came to visit, which was a lot of fun.  He is soon to be 30 years old and has just received his doctorate in Musicology.  He is such an interesting guy.  Plus, he and his wife are moving from California to Denver in a couple of weeks so we wanted to be sure to spend as much time with him as possible.

When Shawn left to go home on Thursday, my Husband Michael was scheduled to conduct a Seminar at Azusa Pacific College which was sponsored by our local  Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.  The topic of his seminar was "How to Grow Your Business in a Declining Market", specifically, offering insights to Social Media Marketing; Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter as well as other Social Media Marketing Sites.  I always love listening to his speeches, I always learn something even though I am married to the guy.

But anyway, I am keeping this short today.  I am tired, it is extremely HOT outside and I was dumb enough to go out into the heat today, even though it was early this morning. I must say, it zapped most of my energy.  That's my excuse anyway!

I am posting Photos of my 3 Vintage Treasures I purchased today.  We shopped  a couple of Estate Sales this morning, (in the HEAT) and I wanted to show you.  I haven't decided just yet, what I am going to do with them.  Either leave them as they are, because they are all 3 BEAUTIFUL, or do a little "re purposing", "uplifting", "remaking", whatever you want to call it.

Here they are:  Let me know what you think?  Leave them alone?  or add to one of my Jewelry pieces still in the making?

This is my FAVORITE ONE!

This One is Hand Painted Flowers on Porcelain

This One is All BRASS - Phantom of the Opera

All of These Are Vintage...But I do Not know what Era...Looks like the 60's to me?


July 8, 2010

An Interesting Article I Read This Morning

Tempted to Eat Junk Food?

In a world where you can inhale half your daily allotment of calories as you turn left out of the drive-thru, often the only thing standing between you and a few extra chins is willpower—that oh-so—elusive ability to halt the urge to indulge.

If your powers of resistance are lacking, you'll be psyched to hear this: Research shows that willpower is a kind of mental muscle, and like any muscle, it can get stronger. "We now know that the capacity for self-control can be increased," says Roy Baumeister, Ph.D., a professor of psychology at Florida State University who studies the subject.

These four tactics target the most common resolve busters. Put them into practice, and pretty soon that cheesy Sicilian slice or glazed doughnut will be no match for your mental strength.

I've added my own opinion along side these suggestions.

Eat Smaller, More Frequent Meals - I like this one, I love to eat!

Eat with Your Other Hand - I've actually learned to eat with both hands; when I broke my right arm

Weigh Yourself Regularly - To depressing.  Your weight is all over the place depending on what time and what day, what the weather is like, and how much salt intake, don't like this one!

Lift Your Spirits - By eating Chocolate, MAYBE?  

July 7, 2010

I am addicted to BLOGS!

Oh NO!  I can't add another favorite thing to do to my list.  BUT, I have enjoyed looking around the Internet at many, many interesting Blogs by MANY interesting Women.  They are all so interesting and Fun...I find it so fascinating.

I have been missing my time to create.  I have been engrossed in finishing an ONLINE Traffic School Course so that I can MOVE ON with my life and get this ticket fiasco over with.  Yes, I got a speeding ticket in April.  Here in good ole' bankrupt California.  The Highway Patrolman was a real jerk, very much a mechanical human being, or maybe he wasn't human at all, he could have been a ROBOT or an ALIEN.  He wasn't more than 20 years old, I think I might have been his first WRITE UP, so it seemed.  He had the personality of a rock in the middle of the desert.  He wrote me up for the full speed he claims he clocked me at; 82 in a 65 mph.  OK, so I deserved it, somewhat;  but if you have ever driven on the freeways of California then I would not need to go any further with this.  If you are going 80 mph cars are flying by you, staring you down, flipping you off, and swearing 4 letter words at you because you are going to slow!  So, in my defense I was just keeping up with traffic but,  I guess I was the easiest one, for whatever reason, to pull over and Cite.

Well, that pissy piece of paper cost me nearly $600, I had to take the TINT off the side windows, pay a fine and a fee for this and a fee for that and GO TO TRAFFIC SCHOOL.  Thank God they have online courses so I didn't have to go and spend one of my PRECIOUS Saturday Afternoons or DAY I should say; at a boring, monotone instructed, live class.

That is what I have been doing for the last 2 days and I am not finished yet.  I was hoping to get it all done today but that didn't happen.  I had to step away before I lost it and threw the computer out the window, is this class ever going to end???  Maybe tomorrow!  

We experienced an EARTHQUAKE today. 5.9, centered in Palm Springs which is 141 miles from us.  While I was in the throws of reading the lesson ONLINE for this Traffic School the house began to rock and sway.  That was a surprising jolt back to reality.  The light fixture over the stairway was swaying back and forth as if there was a major gust of wind to clean the dust off of it.

Tonight I wanted to write a little note on my blog, get ready for a busy day tomorrow and off to dreamland and fantasize about getting order and organization back into my life.

I leave you with this Pretty Vintage Card.  I love the Bird and needless to say, you can't have to many Crowns when you are the  QUEEN!


July 5, 2010

YES, I have been a SLACKER the last 4 Days!

I did have the chance to create a few more pieces of Jewelry last week which I am excited about.  TODAY is going to be create, create, create day! 

I have all of these pieces listed in my Etsy store and my Artfire store, be sure and take a look;

Here is a Piece that I love. A real Vintage Style Necklace!

If you LOVE Frogs like me, this Brooch is Awesome!  Lots, and Lots of Sparkle with Clear Ice Rhinestones all over the Frogs Back and this Frog has Green Eyes, SWEET!

A Precious Blue Bird Headband with Daisy - So CUTE!

This turned out Gorgeous, (I think anyway)!  I love all of the Sweet Charms; a combination of New and Vintage Beads and the combo of Blue, Green and White colors with the accented color of the Goldtone Chain!

 Flowers and Silver Hair Pins, A Perfect Touch for your Hair!

So,  I am excited about designing and creating more super Cute Lovelies TODAY!

Back Later...I hope that you are all having a Wonderful Holiday.