September 15, 2011

Hi Friends ♥♥♥

Hi everyone,

Yes, I am still here.  It has been a grueling 2 months and it's not over yet!

We have been in the process of moving to a GREAT location; Dana Point, California, within walking distance to the beach and the weather is so Awesome here!!! 

We moved from the High Desert of California, approximately 100 miles away so distance wise it was not a long move but if you have ever moved all of your household before you know what I'm going thru - "H.E.L.L." 

It doesn't matter if you just moved next door when it comes to moving your "STUFF", it is exhausting, stressful, and basically one of the most overwhelming things you can do.  We have not moved for 10 years so we have  accumulated quite a bit of "STUFF", which during this move I discovered just what items of "STUFF" held their undying importance to me from over the years. 

We downsized,  so fitting everything into a space half the size that we moved from has been a most incredible feat!  Even though I had 3 garage sales, listings on Craig's List, Gave away a lot of "STUFF" What was left over still did not fit into one 26ft U-Haul Moving truck!  AMAZING!  So during this overwhelming, exhausting move I did entertain 4 different melt downs.  I truly thought I could not get thru this another day, but with the love and support of family and friends we managed to do it.  So, two trips with 2  different U-Haul trucks, we are now close to being 100% settled.

The garage is filled with boxes of things we just could not let go.  Items that I need for my online stores as well as my husband's treasures he could not part with, we will work thru all of that soon.  I just have my studio to completely set up and then I am done and will be able to walk about the house with a big sigh of relief.

Thank you for sticking with me, I have missed my stores, (still in vacation mode) on etsy, artfire, ecrater, zibbet, etc.  But I shall be up and running soon.  My Etsy Shop " The Queen's Royal Coach" is open for business,  however, I do need to get busy on my Fall Line of Jewelry, which needless to say, I am so far behind!

Have a great day everyone!!  I will do my best to get back on track and make regular postings, I am so excited to be living here at the beach,  I have this new surge of energy and I am ready to get things in order and back on schedule.