July 7, 2010

I am addicted to BLOGS!

Oh NO!  I can't add another favorite thing to do to my list.  BUT, I have enjoyed looking around the Internet at many, many interesting Blogs by MANY interesting Women.  They are all so interesting and Fun...I find it so fascinating.

I have been missing my time to create.  I have been engrossed in finishing an ONLINE Traffic School Course so that I can MOVE ON with my life and get this ticket fiasco over with.  Yes, I got a speeding ticket in April.  Here in good ole' bankrupt California.  The Highway Patrolman was a real jerk, very much a mechanical human being, or maybe he wasn't human at all, he could have been a ROBOT or an ALIEN.  He wasn't more than 20 years old, I think I might have been his first WRITE UP, so it seemed.  He had the personality of a rock in the middle of the desert.  He wrote me up for the full speed he claims he clocked me at; 82 in a 65 mph.  OK, so I deserved it, somewhat;  but if you have ever driven on the freeways of California then I would not need to go any further with this.  If you are going 80 mph cars are flying by you, staring you down, flipping you off, and swearing 4 letter words at you because you are going to slow!  So, in my defense I was just keeping up with traffic but,  I guess I was the easiest one, for whatever reason, to pull over and Cite.

Well, that pissy piece of paper cost me nearly $600, I had to take the TINT off the side windows, pay a fine and a fee for this and a fee for that and GO TO TRAFFIC SCHOOL.  Thank God they have online courses so I didn't have to go and spend one of my PRECIOUS Saturday Afternoons or DAY I should say; at a boring, monotone instructed, live class.

That is what I have been doing for the last 2 days and I am not finished yet.  I was hoping to get it all done today but that didn't happen.  I had to step away before I lost it and threw the computer out the window, is this class ever going to end???  Maybe tomorrow!  

We experienced an EARTHQUAKE today. 5.9, centered in Palm Springs which is 141 miles from us.  While I was in the throws of reading the lesson ONLINE for this Traffic School the house began to rock and sway.  That was a surprising jolt back to reality.  The light fixture over the stairway was swaying back and forth as if there was a major gust of wind to clean the dust off of it.

Tonight I wanted to write a little note on my blog, get ready for a busy day tomorrow and off to dreamland and fantasize about getting order and organization back into my life.

I leave you with this Pretty Vintage Card.  I love the Bird and needless to say, you can't have to many Crowns when you are the  QUEEN!


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