June 18, 2010

It's a GREAT DAY!!!!

I am SO excited, I have a laptop again and that means I can get more  accomplished, I am mobile, I am HAPPY!  Now I can catch up on this last weeks Adventures, it has been crazy and non stop here since March....If I made as much money as I am busy I would be a gazillionaire by now and typing this from my Yacht right now! 

I have been without a laptop for several weeks now and I have had to use the "slow as a snail" desktop in my studio, it moves slower than a snail I believe, pages take several minutes to load, etc., etc.  I really only use it as a backup and while I am NOT ungrateful for having it (because it has saved my butt these last few weeks), I hate it!!!   You know, that Love/Hate relationship.   We have Fiber Optic Internet service, fast as lightening, EXCEPT on that thing.  Whew, that was a lot of work trying to get things done on that piece!!! 

Anyway, I will post more later.  Still setting up a few more email accounts and adding my "favorites" to this computer.

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