June 10, 2010

Wow, People are going to think I am a slacker already!

I had every intention of posting yesterday and once again, the day just disappeared on me.  So, for today I can share with you some of my crazy life for the last day and a half.

Yesterday started off early as usual, 6:00 am and once right out of bed, I am already thinking about my schedule for the day.  I Had all these big plans of accomplishing sooo much.  Typical!!  Anyway, it started off with the LAUNDRY.  Now, isn't that an exciting subject.  Sorting thru all of these colorful pieces of fabrics, cottons, polyester (not really polyester), fleece, flannels, WOW, it always amazes me how many pieces of clothing 2 people can  wear in a few days time.  One interruption after another and all of the laundry did not get done, I had to finish it this morning.  But just a a tidbit of information; I LOVE adding Baking Soda to the tub of laundry with the liquid laundry soap.  I believe it really does help soften the water and make your clothes smell much cleaner and helps cut down on the amount of laundry soap you need to use.  Anyway, I use it, I get a big giant bag at Costco for less that $6.00, it goes a long way.

So during my whole Laundry DAY, I managed to get in a trip to the fabric store and the health food store.  My husband Michael called me during this outing and asked if I would like to go to lunch and OF COURSE I am not going to pass up a lunch with my husband.  We went to the NEW Country Club at the Golf Course and each had Pastrami Sandwiches, his on Rye Bread, Mine on a Baguette (wonderful) and it was most delicious!  I had Parmesan-garlic fries and he had the gourmet potato salad, both of which were mighty tasty.

Home,  to continue on with the Laundry and answer emails, check facebook, which I always get majorly distracted with and Twitter, and checked my online stores.  I had MOST INTENDED to create a few pieces of jewelry but took a look around at my Studio and scared myself.   Has it ever happened to you that one day you suddenly see something, I mean REALLY SEE what has been a part of your surroundings for a long time and discover that something is not right about this?  Well, it happened to me yesterday.  I Really, Really, Really wanted to design a piece of jewelry, I already had the piece created in my head, but My studio was so out of sorts, such a mess, I could no longer work in it.  So for the next couple of hours I was busy organizing it.  That was a GOOD feeling!

Next thing I new it was 5 p.m. and I was trying to decide, do I fix us dinner or skip it all together?  After all we had such a large lunch and I still was not hungry.  The decision for us was NO more eating today.  So, I had dessert instead, my favorite thing to eat any time, any day, any place.

My newest, latest, and greatest weakness in the dessert world is chocolate covered Oreo's. YUMMY!!!!!!!  My daughter bought some dark chocolate covered Oreo Cookies from Godiva Chocolates the last time we were at the mall.  She insisted that I try them.  Well, I know how I am,  and thinking to myself I was a little worried, I asked me, what if I really like these?  Am I willing to pay $2.50 a cookie for a Binge I will more than likely go on?  I was dreading taking that first bite, I was scared, I knew it was going to happen.  Even though I do not like WHOLE Oreo Cookies.  (If I buy the Oreo cookies I only eat the chocolate cookies and not the inside.  Toss the inside away).  WELL,  let me tell you.  If you have never had one of these most WONDER DELICACIES, you are in for a treat!  The chocolate on the outside is smooth, dark, (you can get milk chocolate too) and add to that the crunch and chocolate of the cookie with the center filling, the combination of it is WONDERFUL!!  Chocolate, Sweet, with a hint of something salt.  Not sure where that is coming from unless it is from the chocolate cookie part of the Oreo.  OMG !! Heaven!!!  Well, because of my obsession with this new found Love, and the expense of these cookies and the trips to the Mall, I decided if I was going to continue down this Glorious Chocolate path I need to do it in a more cost effective way.  SO, I scoured the Internet looking for Chocolate to dip stuff in.  I found the recipe I needed and guess what?  I have been making my own chocolate dipped Oreo Cookies.  One night I made a double batch and also dipped Marshmallows, (another of my all time favorites).  I have been strung out on Chocolate Covered Oreo's and Marshmallows for at least 30 days now.  Soon, I will get tired of them and move on to something else, I always do, but until then...I am in HEAVEN!  I will post pictures of these tempting little angels later.

After dessert, I was able to settle down and began to start on 1 of my 5 projects from yesterday.  I hope to finish this beautiful summer bracelet today and have it posted by this evening. 

So, that was my yesterday.  I can start on my today in a while, but right now, I am itching to get to work.  I really want to finish that bracelet and hopefully slip in a couple of other things too. 

In a bit!  ♥♥♥

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