June 29, 2010

Behind Again but it's a NEW Day!

So I am letting time slip by me again which is obviously not hard to do these day for any of us.  I feel like the clocks have some super element in them that is making them race around the numbers at a speed I certainly can't keep up with.  WHEW...life is passing me by much too quickly!

Well, our little outing on Saturday was quite productive.  I found the most awesome pieces of estate jewelry which I am going to re purpose into NEW pieces and hopefully will draw the attention of buyers who will love it!  Also I found incredible Vintage Fabrics.  I am so excited about them.  Pieces dating back to the 1940's and they still look brand new, they were stored very well.  I will be using some of these wonderful fabrics in my own creations and selling some of them in my Etsy fabric store. 

It was such a hot day here on Saturday that by the time we got home my husband and I were both pretty tired so the rest of the day was spent indoors and me sorting thru my fabulous finds.

Sunday was another day that just whizzed by me.  But,  we did manage to carve out some time with family.  We joined my Sister Debbie and her Hubby Chuck for a nice relaxing Lunch/Dinner - LINNER at Mimi's Cafe, (not my favorite place to eat), but for family time it is all about being together and not so much as where that might be.  After LINNER we took Debbie and chuck over to the New GUITAR SHOWROOM because Chuck was out of town when it was finished and we had our grand Opening and Chamber of Commerce Ribbon Cutting.  After that, it was home again and time to settle in for the night.

On Monday, was a usual Monday for us; Work, Work, Work, Errands, Errands, Errands.  I was trying to get a few of my designing projects slipped into my busy, crazy day but that didn't happen.  Nothing of great interest was really going on but I still cherish everyday. 

Yesterday, Tuesday, was more enjoyable because I was able to finish 2 Necklaces and a Brooch and I will be able to get them listed in my stores today and I will put a picture of them here on my blog. 

Today; I am catching up on emails this morning, posting on my facebook, checking in with friends and family and I thought I better get caught up on my Blog.  It is going to be another HOT one so I need to get ready and get out the door.  I have a couple of places I need to go to this morning and then get back home before the heat and winds get to bad.  It's always windy here.  Drives me crazy, I HATE Wind!

I have 3 other pieces of Jewelry that should be finished by early afternoon so I will be listing those in my stores.  I am excited!  I have my week planned out between all of my projects whether it be Sewing projects, Jewelry projects, or my NEW Paper projects.  There just is not enough time in a day to do all that I want to do.

So I will check back in later, hopefully have some pictures posted for you to see.  In the meantime, have a WONDERFUL, FUN Day!

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