September 3, 2010

My Day in The Desert, which is "Home"

Gonna Be A HOT One Today! need to go to Costco, dumb day to go though - 1st of the month and holiday weekend, might just bite the bullet and do it anyway!

Back from Costco! WOW, it was not as bad as I anticipated. We were there with all the "OLD people", all the younger ones must be on their way to their vacation spot. Was able to escape there without having to mortgage everything, trying to keep Michael under control was another thing! He bought a fish with eyes, going to have it for lunch and not even chop its head off! YUK!! Red Snapper.

My Husband Michael states and I quote - "Today's main lunch entree: Grilled whole Snapper stuffed with cherry tomatoes, mushrooms, cilantro and white wine infused garlic butter. Baste with garlic butter between turning and serving. I love a meal that looks you in the eyes while you eat it. MMMmm Good!"

Another Dining Experiment, have to admit - it was tasty!
An Ear of Corn with Bacon wrapped around it, in foil and placed on the Grill.

 OFF to the Races tomorrow, COLE (our 16 year old Grandson) Will be Racing his Car at Irwindale, CA, The whole family plus Friends will be there.  We will all be wearing Red, Black and White, his colors!

Have a Wonderful Weekend EVERYONE!

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