November 6, 2010

A Busy Saturday

I am trying to update my Blog.  This is a lot more work--than people realize, I know all of you Bloggers know exactly what I am talking about. 

We will be leaving tomorrow for the Central Valley (California). My Husband who is a Professional Speaker and conducts Seminars and Workshops on Marketing/Advertising, Social Media Marketing, and  "How to grow Your business in A Declining Market" has a Private Workshop scheduled for a company known as AG Source Magazine.  It will be an all day workshop for their employees.  Since it is a 3 hour drive we are leaving on Sunday.

We have family nearby, My daughter and her family which includes  our grandson, COLE CABRERA,  so I am really looking forward to the trip.

I am so far behind in my Blogging, and my own Social Media Marketing (I know, being married to an expert and even I need to catch up) and my jewelry designing, I am just so overwhelmed.  My Jewelry Store(s) inventory is really LOW and I just need to lock myself in my studio until I get all of my projects done!  Insane!!   I surely don't want to miss the Holiday Shopping and it is Fast upon us. 

I hope to post some new designs soon!  There!   I wrote it,  now I am committed!!  Although, next week is a crazy week again, Yikes.  We have 2 Seminars and a workshop scheduled so I will need to truly muster up the energy and set aside the time to JUST DO IT!

Have a great Saturday evening everyone.

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