December 29, 2010

OMG! Shag Carpeting is Back in Full Force!

My Husband and I had Cabin Fever today and decided to risk the cold, windy, rain threatening weather and venture out to COSTCO.

Wow, I could not believe all of the food samples they were handing out today!  I have never been there when they had this many little tiny food stations, with massive amounts of samples.  In fact,  Michael ate so much that he bowed out of our previous plans of going out to dinner.   I, on the other hand did not eat as many of these free, enticing, samples of pure bliss so I had him take me to the In-N-Out Burger drive thru and I ordered my usual; a Double-Double Cheeseburger and an order of fresh hot fries. YUMMY!

As we were strolling the isles of COSTCO something so very familiar caught my eye.  I almost let out a scream as I noticed just a few feet away from me was a bin filled with large area rugs.  Not just any area rugs, but SHAG Carpeting Area Rugs.  I was taken back to the 70's when that was the stylish and most popular style of rug to have.  Yes, you could grow a garden in that long, thick like hair, carpet.  YES!!! it is BACK!!!  Whoa, I don't even think I am ready for this again.  Do you know what kind of creatures can have a soft, cushy life in that carpet?  Just imagine it, cause it will happen and you will NEVER find them in their new City of lushness!

Here are the photos of the beautiful Shag Carpet choices that were available at Costco, and the price, just a mere $124.00!

Enjoy, I wish you a peaceful, relaxing evening! 

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