September 19, 2010

It's A Birthday Celebration Month

We have been caught up in the madness of September Birthday Month! September is almost like Christmas in our Family. Many Birthday's, Wedding Anniversaries and we received some MOST AWESOME NEWS regarding our Grandson Cole. (I will post his video if I can).

Birthdays: Happy Birthday to My Son-In-Law Bobby, My Nephew Alex, My Grandson's Trainer Mike, ME, Kathy, My GrandNiece Siena, Jim, Christine, Cathy, and HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to my Sister and Hubby, Debbie & Chuck! Lots of Cakes, Goodies and Fun!! Of Course, at MY age, EVERYDAY is a Celebration, yay; I made it another day--What am I going to do to make the most of this Beautiful Day?

NEWS: Our Grandson Cole has been racing "SOMETHING" since he was 3-4 years old. He is currently racing Cars and trucks, moving across that track at 130 miles per hour. Believe me, I LOVE to watch him race, BUT, I cringe until the race is over. He is my Grandson; I don't like the crashing parts.

So, Now he is 16 years old, an incredible driver (grandma thinks so, so it must be true) and he applied for the "Drive for Diversity" program. We found out on the 15th that he was accepted! Now he will be going thru the rest of the personal interviews process and, driving tests, etc., in North Carolina and a decision will be made if he makes it to the top 10 out of 30 kids. If so, The Family's life will change of course. This will mean a lot for his career. Here is a short description that my daughter posted on Facebook to better understand what this means.

"Cole made it to the D4D combine in north Carolina!!! They choose 30 drivers, 10 will make it!!! We ...r just excited to be invited!!If he makes the 10 that's the driver development program!!! NASCAR crew and car for a full season!!!! He's only 16 so he can continue to apply until he's 25 if he doesn't make it, but what an awesome experience!!!" WE ARE SO PROUD and HAPPY for him!

Here is Cole's Video

WELCOME to all of my NEW Followers, this is so fun for me...I really appreciate your follow! :0)

Have a Most Wonderful Day!


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