September 21, 2010

Preparing for our House Guest This Week

I have been busy, busy busy getting ready for our house guest who arrives on Thursday. 

We have a full schedule planned for his visit.  My husband's longtime friend, Craig, of 40 years will be visiting us.  We are planning on eating at one of our favorite Barbecue Food Restaurants, and a trip to Las Vegas on Friday.

We are going the the Three Dog Night Concert at the Silverton Hotel in Las Vegas Friday Night. Our friend Paul Kingery (who plays one of our GUITARS) plays lead bass/guitar and sings in the band.  We have all access passes so we try to meet up with them as often as we can when they are within driving distance. 

On Saturday my husband is meeting up with all of his friends at the studio to jam, and Sunday - plans have changed so new plans are in the works.  Monday, Craig is on his way back home to Spokane.  It will be a fun time!

I have been getting the house in order and his room comfy and cozy for his arrival.  

My days are full until Monday but wanted to wish every one a wonderful day! 

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